Couple’s gift will benefit generations of students

Herbert and Carolyn Conant
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Brian Tietz
Herbert and Carolyn Conant


Herbert and Carolyn Conant have watched Florida Gulf Coast University grow and thrive during the almost 20 years in which they have lived in Cape Coral.

Throughout those years, they have been committed to serving their community and have a special passion for education.

Their desire to make a difference motivated them to create a generous deferred gift to FGCU, which will exist in perpetuity.

“We love universities and think they’re very important,” says Carolyn Conant, who worked in university administration early in her professional life. “We’ve watched FGCU grow and found what has been done to date very impressive.”

The Herbert D. and Carolyn E. Conant Scholarship Endowed Fund will be be used to award scholarships to students majoring in engineering or science who have grade point averages of 3.5 or higher and demonstrate outstanding leadership in school or volunteer activities. Both of the Conants believe that engineering and science are very important to the country’s welfare.

The value of the gift, which will be funded from the Conants’ estate, will be determined by market conditions, but could total as much as $1 million.

They created the estate gift, Herbert Conant says, because “we wanted to ensure that we can live our current lifestyle until the end of our lives.”

Estate gifts allow donors to ensure their own financial security and that of their families while also providing a gift that lasts in perpetuity.

Herbert Conant served in the Marines, earned a degree in mechanical engineering, then went to work for The Turner Corporation, a Fortune 500 firm based in New York City. He eventually became the company’s CEO and chairman of the board.

Carolyn Conant worked in university administration and then in the construction industry.

“The Conants’ generosity will make a difference in the lives of students and their families for generations to come,” says Steve Magiera, FGCU Foundation executive director. “The university deeply appreciates such gifts.”

Estate gifts not only provide opportunities for recipients of the scholarships they fund, they also create lasting tributes to the donors, their vision and generosity.

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