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Tiffany Esposito-Kittinger, ’09, ’12
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Ed Clement
Tiffany Esposito-Kittinger, ’09, ’12

About FGCU: “FGCU has helped me become the teacher and person I’ve always wanted to be. I started at FGCU because of the palm trees. However, I’m proud to be an alumna of FGCU because it gave me opportunities to leave a legacy, venture outside my comfort zone, meet so many amazing people, and develop the courage and knowledge to succeed in my career. I am proud to be an Eagle.”

From nominator Gateway Charter Assistant Principal Peggy Leis: “Ashley is, by far, one of the best teachers I have ever worked with and an inspiration to all those starting out in the field. She’s a credit to FGCU and its education department.”

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Ann Reuter, ’11
Age: 24
From: Lives in Estero
Degree: Bachelor’s in Finance

Occupation: Trust administration and investment associate, FineMark National Bank & Trust

Civic engagement: Financial adviser on board of directors for The Ladybug Project, which fosters educational and health infrastructures in Equatorial Guinea and Madagascar. She also guest lectures to FGCU finance classes and mentors underprivileged students in English.

About FGCU: “FGCU offered me the opportunity to grow as a person and to develop a passion for finance. I do not think this would have been possible without the dedicated team of professors in the finance and economics department, who continue to mentor me today.”

From colleague and nominator Micah Burkey: “Ms. Reuter is kind, giving and always ready to assist, whether it be for charity, networking or in business. She has overcome personal obstacles (having lost a parent during her time at FGCU, dealing with a learning disability and immigrating to the United States during middle school) to achieve great success.”

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